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What We Believe

We are deeply committed to the success of every student.


All students, no matter what their ZIP code, deserve learning opportunities that begin by age 4 — safe schools, classes small enough for one-on-one attention, modern tools and textbooks, a well-resourced team of educators and community support services like nutrition, health and after school programs.

Student Success

School is where discovery happens. A good education inspires students’ natural curiosity, imagination, critical thinking skills and love of learning. Schools that nurture these values today are growing tomorrow’s inventors, thinkers, artists, and leaders.


Great educators strive to connect with each student, discover his passions, and unlock her potential. We must ensure each educator has the resources, mentoring, and support every professional needs.

Helping your child
do well in school

All parents want their children to succeed. As a parent or guardian, you are the best advocate to ensure that your child receives a quality education. NEA provides insights and tips from educators to help your child do well in school, encourage learning at home, and work with your child’s team of educators.

Fueling the Call

Our educators don’t just teach – they’re fulfilling a calling. We set out to ensure every student is surrounded by caring, qualified, and committed educators by offering tools and ideas on lesson plans, teaching strategies, and other advice and support for both new and seasoned educators alike. We ensure all of a student’s needs are met by contributing toward a healthy, safe, engaged, supportive and challenging learning environment.

About NEA

The National Education Association has a long, proud history of advocating for America’s students, quality public schools, and its 3 million members. Our members are the elementary and secondary teachers, higher education faculty, education support professionals, school administrators, retired educators, and students preparing to become teachers who work with 50 million children in America’s public schools. We are driven by a commitment to create great public schools for every student. The organization is focused on improving the quality of teaching, increasing student achievement, engaging parents, and making schools safer, better places to learn.